Where Are You Going?


Whether you’re 8 years old, or 80 years young, we’ve all asked the question,  “How do airplanes fly?”   Or maybe, “What keeps a boat afloat so it doesn’t sink?”   Different modes of transportation, and its’ technology, are the theme of the on going ‘Going Places’ exhibit at the New York Hall of Science.

Through hands-on exploration travelers will experience the thrill of piloting a plane without leaving the ground in an airplane-shaped flight simulator.  They will float across the floor riding a mini hover disk while learning how the cushion of air allows hovercrafts to travel across roads, sand, water and more.  They will challenge themselves to guide a blimp through sky hoops.  So, it really doesn’t matter if you’re 8 or 80, everyone will have fun while learning how Earth’s size and natural processes like gravity, wind, currents, waves, friction and changing landscapes are overcome by the ingenious designs of travel technology.

Other Going Places exhibits include;

Land Yacht – Sail a tabletop land yacht against perilous winds.

Transport Footprint – Take the carbon challenge to find out what impact your travel is having on the planet and how you can reduce your carbon footprint.

Big Engine – See how air and fuel are used to create thrust, and why the modern engine is one of the cheapest and most efficient energy providers on the planet.

Aeroplane Mobile – Try and get the giant aeroplane mobile to spin.

Virtual Traffic Controller – Work cooperatively with other visitors to keep the traffic flow in this virtual city moving smoothly.

Design Your Ride – Design the next big transportation innovation at this brainstorming idea table.

Load the Car – Attempt to fit all the bags and gear into a typical car trunk.

Shifting Steel – See if you can shift a heavy weight on nothing but air.

Virtual Earth – Rotate the virtual Earth, while considering the amazing technology that enables us to explore the globe.

Luggage Loader – Test your sorting and packing skills in this high-tech game.

Sit Down – See, feel and sit in a range of different seats from sporty to luxurious, and learn how science has helped us design seats to make our journeys more comfortable.

Vehicle Jigsaw – In this digital game, choose from aerodynamic profiles, engine and wheel types, and then find out how far your car can go on a tank of fuel.

Recumbent Racer – Race a friend to find out which type of bicycle travels fastest – a recumbent or racer.

Admission to this fascinating exhibit is free with NYSCI membership; non-member tickets available for sale at box-office or http://nysci.org/event/going-places-the-technology-of-transport/

Going Places

New York Hall of Science

47-01 111th Street

Corona, New York


Through September 18, 2016



Calling All Foodies! Queens Taste is Back in Town


Queens Taste 2016 will be back on Tuesday, May 3rd, at the New York Hall of Science in Flushing Meadows Corona Park from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

Now in its 13th year, Queens Taste has grown into the boroughs best networking and business-promotion opportunity for Queens based establishments in the food industry to showcase their world-class products.  This year roughly 60 restaurants, food makers and drink purveyors will be participating.

World-class chefs specializing in a wide array of diverse cuisines will be on hand with mouth-watering appetizers, entrées, desserts, artisan products, and beverages. If you’re the kind of foodie that’s only comfortable with ‘familiar’ food, have no fear. You will be able to enjoy everything from the famous Ottomanelli hamburger and Portuguese paella from Jamaica’s O Lavrador to mixed drinks from LIC hotspot Square Wine & Spirits and sweet treats from Rudy’s Bakery in Ridgewood.


Entertainment features a fusion of Latin and Jazz music as only Sabor and The Afro-Latineers can provide.  Much like food, the creativity and simplicity of their music emits the benefit of energy, happiness and comfort.

Proceeds support the Queens Economic Development Corporation’s ongoing efforts to attract, create, and maintain jobs in the borough through business services, neighborhood development, the Entrepreneur Space (their food-and-business incubator), and marketing attractions through the Queens Tourism Council and the It’s in Queens and Discover Queens brands.

For tickets, contact mackay@queensny.org or call 718-263-0456, or mail check payable to Queens Economic Development Corporation at 120-55 Queens Blvd., Ste. 309, Kew Gardens, NY 11424.

$125.00 per ticket                                                                                                                                       Ticket includes:                                                                                                                                                 ~ All-you-can-eat samples from at least 30 Queens restaurants                                                             ~ All-you-can-drink samples from local breweries, wine stores, and spirits purveyors                     ~ All-you-can-fit samples of artisan desserts                                                                                             ~ All-you-can-explore admission to the New York Hall of Science  




Brick Fest Live – If You Build It, They Will Come


Like most of us did as children, you sat on the floor for hours playing with those tiny primary-colored Lego bricks.  And, with only your imagination to guide you, came wondrous architectural structures, be it a bridge, a house, or something that was indefinable that only you understood. Now you can revisit those memories at the New York Hall of Science when Brick Fest Live comes to Queens the week of June 20th through the 28th, and the museum is transformed into a Lego lover’s paradise.

Brick Fest Live bills itself as a touring Lego event featuring hands-on activities and exhibits, all designed to inspire, educate and entertain.  On exhibit will be large-scale Lego creations, which will blow your mind.  The highlight of the day features a Brick Fest Derby in which kids can build and racecars of their own design down a 35-foot long track in a timed heat.  A trivia area is exactly what it sounds like, so study up on Lego lore to get those answers right.   Quick – what were the original Lego colors?   Answer – white, orange, red, blue, yellow, brown, black, and dark green.

There’s an entertainment section where you’ll find Lego-themed video games, and a Lego mosaic area, where you can build a piece of LEGO art that will be put on display for everyone to see. Bringing Lego into the 21st century, the ‘Glow Zone‘ will display Lego creations shining under ultra-violet light.  You will also find the addition of many new colors since your childhood.  Lego now has close to 200 variations of color, including some transparencies.  They’ve also added a small selection of Lego bricks of non-traditional shapes.  Then there’s the building station where you can indulge your personal skills and/or fantasies.   And, best of all, are the “Inspiration” stations where you can add your custom Lego creation to existing Lego cities already on display.

You will also find new, vintage and rare Lego merchandise on sale.

Due to the anticipated popularity of this event it is suggested tickets be ordered in advance, which can be purchased at http://nysci.org/brickfestlive.com

If you’re a kid (at heart) or have some, this is a great place to visit. If you’re a hard-core Lego collector, this is a must see.  If you have a passing interest, stop by and prepare to have your mind blown.  Brick Fest Live, a massive interactive celebration of everything Lego, is the event of the summer.

Brick Fest Live

New York Hall of Science

47-01 111th St.

Queens, New York 11368


Saturday, June 20, 2015 through Sunday, June 28, 2015

Saturday and Sunday 10:00am – 7:00pm

Week days                   9:30am – 5:00pm

$15.00 adults, $12.00 children, students & seniors

Admission free with NYSCI membership





Family-Friendly Outdoor Marketplace Will Showcase Diverse Food, Art, Merchandise, and Performances from New York City’s Cultural Tapestry

tchgpuxj0jidtfvr2rmlNight markets have long been a fixture in many parts of the world. In recent years, they’ve become tremendously popular in cities like Philadelphia, San Diego, LA, Toronto, and Vancouver. Queens, as one of the most diverse places in the world–and the Lonely Planet’s top US tourist destination for 2015–is an ideal place for an open air market with an international theme. Therefore, it came as no surprise that the Queens International Night Market made a smashing debut on Saturday, April 25th in the parking lot of the New York Hall of Science, part of Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

The aroma from the diverse culturally authentic street foods encouraged attendees to try new tastes.  A wide array of art items was pleasurable to the eye.  A variety of merchandise for sale was appealing to those looking for a ‘bargain’, as The Queens International Night Market aims to be uniquely affordable.  Small-scale performances of music and dance were a big part of the night market experience and excitement.

The Queens International Night Market is a short distance from Rego Park.  Rain or shine, the event takes place every Saturday from 6:00pm to midnight through October 20th.  Admission to the market is free.

The Queens International Night Market

Flushing Meadows Corona Park

New York Hall of Science

47-01 111th Street,

Corona, New York


Every Saturday from 6:00pm to midnight through October 20th.