Show off Your Unique Style at The Alexander


Living at The Alexander at Rego Center has every dream luxury available, both in the building and your apartment. Bet your friends were pretty impressed when they visited at your Super Bowl Party. Planning another for Cinco de Mayo?  Let’s put a bit of extra fun into hostessing your party, and serve something just as fabulous as those delicious football cocktails everyone was raving about.

A great Cinco de Mayo celebration is all about Margaritas, right?   What if we tell you won’t even need a glass to down one or two of these yummy drinks?  We’re talking triple-layer Margarita ice-pops!

These ice pops are a tangy-sweet mix of fruit and tequila. Make sure to taste each mix before you freeze it. You might want to adjust the sugar or limejuice quantities, depending on how sweet your fruit is.



Need 6 ice pop molds  (available at most $1.00 stores)


Kiwi margarita

3 kiwis, peeled

1/2-teaspoon sugar

1-ounce tequila


Pear margarita

1 large, firm pear, peeled and cored

1-ounce tequila

1-tablespoon limejuice


Strawberry margarita

12 medium strawberries, hulled

1-ounce tequila

1-tablespoon limejuice



Blend the kiwis, sugar and tequila, then fill each ice pop mold 1/3 full with the margarita mix.

Freeze for at least 2 hours


Blend the pear, tequila and limejuice, then fill another 1/3 into each ice pop mold.

Place foil over the molds, and insert an ice pop stick into each one, making sure it goes into the pear layer.

Freeze for at least 2 hours


Blend the strawberries, tequila and limejuice.

Remove the foil from your ice pop molds, and fill the remaining third with the strawberry margarita mix.

Freeze for at least 2 hours

A little bit of an effort to create these beauties, but so worth it.

Love our Margarita pops? Let us know!  We’re interested in your feedback on this and other suggestions we make, or if you have a question about the area, ask us.  In addition to all the luxury that surrounds you in your new home we want to help include the ‘fun’ element’, as well.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!