What Type of People Live in Queens?


What type of people live in Queens?  Without a doubt, the best of the best – the most caring and proudest residents in all of New York City.  This following are the words of one of your neighbors, Edward Newhouse, who posted his request on www.life.indiegogo.com, a fundraising page.

“The New York Structural Steel Painting Contractors Association (link here http://nysspca.net/), in conjunction with Bridge and steel painters from the Members of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, Local 806 and the New York City Parks department has announced a partnership which will help restore grace and beauty to one of New York’s most recognizable landmarks — The 1964 World’s Fair Tent of Tomorrow -The New York State Pavilion!

A rusting World’s Fair icon in Queens is getting a $3 million paint job – for free! Painting has already started and it expected to be completed in October!

We are group of people that share our love for this iconic structure that want to thank the workers by raising the full $500, (estimating with a crew of daily of 15) we can buy the paint crew 2 to 3 days of lunch with water, as a simple way to thank them!

Bridge and steel painters from the Members of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, Local 806 will donate their time in a bid to turn back the clock on the New York State Pavilion, which was built more than 50 years ago for the 1964-65 World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

A fresh coat of paint is important to maintain the structural steel on all the rings (the yellow in and out) so other money and work can be done on its way restoring to its original condition or new purpose! (as it looked here during the 1964/65 Worlds Fair!) http://www.nywf64.com/newyor04.shtml

Parks Department officials said the paint job will “restore the original luster and beauty” of the pavilion while “protecting its bones.” It is the first such work to be done on the building since it was constructed. The donated work will be done through a training program for apprentice painters, officials said.

100% of the net proceeds will be used to buy these people lunch and water, which will need to include any tax, delivery charge and a tip for the delivery person.

I promise to update, keep clear financial receipts records that will prove our good work, and take pictures of at least one day the workers eating lunch and post here!

Thank you for rewarding good people doing good work on a beautiful iconic structure”

Such a caring thought, Mr. Newhouse, and what a considerate way for the community to show their appreciation.

Well, apparently others felt exactly the same way –

Here is Mr. Newhouse’s response only hours later . . .

“Thank you everyone for your contribution.  I am grateful and shocked that this project got funded in less than one day.  Thank you. Shocked to the point that I had to ask permission of Indigogo to end the funding, when I had set it up for 14 days.  That being said their policy to send the organizer the money after 15 days of the projects close.  I wanted to let you know that I’ve been working with the union head on a lunch sooner than later (like in the next 7 days) and that I will lay out the ~$150 for the first lunch.  I figured they are hungry.  I will keep you posted here as soon as a day is confirmed, and will certainly take some pictures and post here.  Please use the contact button below if I can answer any questions or you want to attend. Thanks! Ned”

Need we say more in describing the type people who live in Queens? The only thing left to say is that we’re proud of all our Queens neighbors.