Making New Family Traditions at The Alexander

010_RODE_7_6_15_1BR_ApB Thanksgiving is all about turkey, tradition and family, and being thankful for all three.

Many of us still remember the Thanksgiving feasts of our childhood. . . the huge amount of food weighing down the dining room table, and the huge amount of relatives cramped together in our apartment to enjoy the spread, without worrying about their weight.  We remember the inviting aromas from the kitchen welcoming everyone, who brought with them more food, as they came through the front door.  We remember, with love, the grandparents, aunts and uncles who are no longer with us, but remain present through the many family traditions they helped create, which are still honored to this day.  We remember the many expressions of gratitude voiced as we went around the table; . . . good health . . . being employed . . . new opportunities, like cousin Michael off to college . . . and always, an appreciation of family, although the younger members inevitably expressed thanks for a new bike, or a pair of roller skates.   We remember the women working together, sometimes singing, as they washed, wiped and put away stacks and stacks of dishes. We remember the laughter; we remember the love.

This year you have an opportunity to add new traditions to your family’s memory book – celebrating Thanksgiving dinner with family at your new apartment at The Alexander.  Think about the endless possibilities available to make the day even more special and less stressful.  Your kitchen, equipped with modern, top-of-the-line Whirlpool appliances for cooking and baking is ready to prepare a feast, and no need to worry about getting that stack of dishes washed and dried.  The dishwasher will easily take care of that, allowing you more time to enjoy your guests. If you need additional seating to comfortably accommodate your guests, the modern design of your apartment offers additional space to set an extra table your guests, particularly if you’re considering a ‘children’s’ table for the little ones, who now outnumber the adults.  And, speaking of the little ones, we all know how rambunctious they can get while waiting for dinner to begin. Why not keep them busy at one of the two on-site play areas available at The Alexander?  Sure the dads watching the football game will appreciate that!  Or, the dads can visit the Game Room and socialize with other dads who are also watching the game.

Let’s revisit this scenario.  With still an hour to go until its’ turkey time

  • the little ones are having a ball playing in the indoor Children’s play room
  • the dads are in the Game Room, completely undistracted, where their only focus is on the large TV screen, and the only sound they hear is the roar of the crowd
  • the moms, undisturbed by whiny children or ‘requests’ from the dads, are relaxing in the apartment, sipping a glass of wine as they marvel at the amazing lifestyle and amenities to be had living at The Alexander

We see several possibilities for the beginning of new family traditions, don’t you?  Don’t be surprised, while giving thanks around the dining room table, when someone says they are thankful for spending Thanksgiving Day at The Alexander this year ‘cause it was the best ever! Wonder who that’ll be?

Happy Thanksgiving, from our house to yours.

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Give Thanks and Give Back


Now through December 11th, when you write a gratitude review for PS 206, The Horace Harding School; you and PS 206 — will be entered to win!

On October 26th we shared information about The Blackboard Awards, an organization owned by Manhattan Media, salutes all educators who work so hard to create and sustain successful learning communities in New York City.  We hope many of you made time to honor a teacher, the administration or the school itself.  Now, in the true spirit of Thanksgiving, another organization,, has reached out. They are asking you to participate in their 2015 GreatSchools Gratitude Review Sweepstakes by recognizing PS206, The Horace Harding School, for its’ accomplishments to the student body and for the community.

Whereas Manhattan Media’s publication is about rating our schools and test scores, is an Internet site where parents come together to discuss a variety of issues impacting school children.

A grand prize of $1,000.00 will be awarded to the selected school, and this could make for an interesting fundraiser.  So, PS206 parents are encouraged to write a short note; it can be about the school – let them know Horace Harding is a second-generation school – explain how a special teacher stirred your child’s curiosity and impacted their learning ability  – or, mention the changes the new principal, Joan Thomas, has implemented for the betterment of the students.  The more the merrier – let’s keep the Horace Harding name in front of those judges!  Oh, and all comments will be posted on their website, lending further credibility to PS206.

Hurry up and get your gratitude comments in!  The Sweepstakes began on November 16, 2015 and ends on December 11, 2015 (“Promotion Period”).  Four Grand Prizes of a $250.00 Amazon gift card will be awarded to individuals and their corresponding schools will receive a check for $1,000.00. The winners will be selected in a random drawing on December 11 from among all eligible entries received during the Promotion Period.

To enter the Sweepstakes, or for further information regarding terms and conditions, go to, type the full name of your school in the search, and click on the name of your school in the list to go to the school’s profile page.

Good luck, PS206, The Horace Harding School.

Let’s remember to keep gratitude in our lives.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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Achieve True Luxury at The Alexander


Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 3.35.50 PM

Rego Park, Queens is a neighborhood that has seen many changes over the years. Once considered the suburbs, it is now a bustling community home to many families.  The population of the area, like much of New York City, has grown a great deal over the past 50 years. Today, just a short subway ride from Manhattan, Rego Park offers residents and visitors easy access to other areas of the city. The E, G, R and V lines of the New York City subway system stop at 63rd Drive and Queens Boulevard.  The community has adapted to reflect the changing, diverse residents and their needs, as is evident in the growth of venues for the arts and theater, museums, musical arenas and of course, Rego Park’s next-door-neighbor, Citi field.  A proposed Queens version of the popular NYC High Line will begin, or end, depending on the direction in which you’re walking, in Rego Park.

Rego Center, an in-door shopping complex built in two phases to accomodate the growing population, is bordered by the Long Island Expressway, Junction Boulevard, Queens Boulevard, 63rd  Drive, and 99th Street.  With major tenants like Costco, Sears, Century 21, and a constant draw for national retailers, the mall is noted to be the most popular shopping destination in Queens.  Management remains focused on the community. Children are entertained with special free events;  Mad Science Saturday is a neighborhood favorite of Rego Park children, holidays are acknowledged with parties and parades, and Family Fun Day features games, prizes, face painting and entertainment which is equally enjoyed by the moms and dads.

In the latest ‘what-will-they-think-of-next’ effort to offer the ideal Rego Park life-style, Vornado Realty Trust, the developers of the property, have constructed a luxury rental twenty story tower soaring above the mall.  Called The Alexander at Rego Center, the building contains 312 apartments with a mix of studios, one-bedroom, one-bedroom + home office, and two-bedroom units.

Every apartment is well planned, with 9′ ceilings, hardwood flooring, the latest in high-end appliances, including washer/dryer combos (not available in three studios), oak wood kitchen cabinets, porcelain tiles and quartz counters in baths, and so much more. The building is enhanced with amenities found in New York City apartments; indoor and outdoor play areas for children, an adult fitness center with an outdoor Yoga lawn, a wood-burning fireplace in the Club Room, and a pool table and video game nook in the Game Room.   Wait, there’s still more!  The Alexander has a full-time doorman, concierge service and on-site parking.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to live in style, comfort and convenience.  Come take a tour of the building and see for yourself.  Expect the unexpected!


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Celebrating a Beloved Teacher


A well-known fact is that Rego Park has a reputation for having some of the finest teachers in the borough educating our children.  Last week we suggested honoring a special teacher from PS206 by nominating him/her for the annual Black Board award.  We specifically highlighted  PS206 because it is the zoned elementary school attended by the children living at The Alexander.

Once a student reaches fifth grade level they may opt in to a school that is not within their district. It is due to that division that we did not include area schools of higher education.  Fortunately, one of the most desired Middle schools, JHS157, The Stephen Halsey School, is located within The Alexander zoning area.

This past week, student and parents alike came together to lend support to the family of one of Halsey’s most beloved teachers, Josh Abrams, who died suddenly at the age of 38.  Although Josh was a girls PE teacher, he was respected by the entire student body.  Abrams, a die-hard Mets fan, was saluted with orange and blue balloons floating in the air, while each student wore a Mets shirt, which had been donated by the team in honor of a man that loved his students as much as he loved the Mets.  Signs with loving messages from appreciative parents and adoring students were everywhere. The administrative staff commemorated Josh Abrams by placing his initials in the school’s yard.

This says a lot about the quality of not only one teacher, but of all teachers in our district.  It says a lot about Rego Park parents and their involvement in their child’s education.  This also says a lot about the respect Rego Park children have for their teachers.

Josh Abrams, your love of education and for your students has made a difference in the lives of many Rego Park youngsters.  You will be missed.

Come Play With Us!

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 11.59.24 PMWhat is play?  Play is simply having fun, the spontaneous activity of children.  Play encompasses many things—it can be done with the body (running, jumping,), the mind (fantasy play), props (swing sets) and words (jokes, singing).  Play areas provide crucial and vital opportunities for free play, differing from structured play at recess or organized sports and games, allowing children to play any way they choose, to explore according to his or her natural tendencies, and to learn from one another.  Playgrounds that promote different types of play are vital for a child’s cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development.

A safe outdoor space, equipped with the most up-to-day playground equipment, is another amenity that makes living at The Alexander so special.  Designated for tenants’ use only, your youngster can run and play here, while getting fresh air and exercise.  It’s also a great place for them to make new friends and for you to become acquainted with other parents living in your building.

The Alexander was conceived with every convenience for its’ residents.  Come see what we have to offer.

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